Melissa Bug's smiling face
Melissa Bug's smiling face
Personal Data
Real Name: Melissa
Known Aliases: Mel, Melinda, Melly, Smelly
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Colour: Naturally Brown, Often Colored
Eye Colour: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hot Tub streamer
Place of Birth: New Jersey
Marital Status: Dating Dankcum
Known Relatives: DaddyBug, MommyBug, AnthonyBug, GrandmaBug

MelissaBug is a Twitch streamer, artist, and gamer from New Jersey. She is also a YouTuber making vlogs about her life and eating disorder.

Early Life

Melissa was born in New Jersey on May 5th, 1997. She has lived in New Jersey and has visited the family cabin in Massachusetts in the summers where she learned about fishing and pooping in buckets.


Mel's daddy was adopted at birth and he is a Half Jewish Half Indian man. He married Melissa's mommy who is a beautiful Italian-American woman.

Based on a DNA test, Melissa's DNA breakdown is 45.9% Italian, 28.4% Ashkenazi Jew, 17.1% Northern Indian & Pakistani, 3.7% Bengali & Northeast Indian, 3.5% Anatolian, 0.5% Sudanese, 0.4% North African, and 0.2% Broadly Western Asian.

Mel also has a younger brother, Anthony, who has autism.

Melissa's sock monkey was named Sooki.

She also has a cat named Mooki.

At one point she had a dog, but the only proof is 2 photos. Based on the above info the dog's name was probably Dooki.

High School

High School Melissa
Image Unavailable
Imagine glowing up from this???

In high school, Melissa had a "pixie fart" cut and most people assumed she was a lesbian. She also had bad acne. It was during high school that she became friends with Kayleigh.


Melissa attended community college and received an associates degree in Social Sciences and Studio Art. Melissa attended Rutgers college and graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology with minors in Art History and History. She also has a PhD in Social Justice.

To fund her college life, Melissa got a job at Starbucks, but supplemented her income by using SugarBaby/SugarDaddy websites.

Twitch and After College

Melissa's habit of farting on stream quickly caught the attention of many young male fart fetishist (including Anthony_Cimorelli). This caused her to be included in a compilation video of farting set to the tune of classical music.

She has also been contacted by other fetishists including a guy who dm'd her that he would pay $1000 she stepped barefoot onto snails and crushed them between her toes. She actually managed to do that in a viral Twitch online show, but got the attention of the authorities.

Wiki Vandal

On the 20th of February in the year 2022, a user named "UndergroundSeether" vandalized Melissa's page on this wiki and after screwing up 3 times, managed to delete the page and left a warning which said "do not fuck with me melissa." So far nobody has claimed responsibility.

Banned from Twitch.

Melissa started a Partner Push on Twitch where she wore push-up bra to show cleavage and started to do things for subs like write their name on a white board and workout for for bits. After several days of this, she was randomly banned for "sexual content." This ban was very powerful because it was listed as "perma ban" and she was scared she would never get to be a Twitch Partner at Twitch Con 2022.

A few hours later, the ban was removed and Twitch staff claimed that the ban was illegal and triggered by a robotic AI.


Currently Melissa is dating dankcum who is a longtime community member.

Previously she dated:

Medical History

Melissa has been diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and suffers from an eating disorder. In October 2021, she was diagnosed with Bipolar 2.

Currently, she takes Wellbutrin (bupropion) and Lamictal (lamotrigine).

After suffering from a chronic Pilonidal cyst for years, a creepy old doctor looked up Melissa's asshole with a flashlight.

Mel has moles all over her body, including but not limited to one on her cheek and one on her butt.

Her anus is deeply effected by repeated Hemorrhoids. In the past, she has ignored them and they have gone away.

Sometime in October 2021, Melissa went in for gallbladder removal because after she was scanned, the doctors realized her gallbladder was full of stones to the brim. During the surgery, the extraction bag they sealed the gallbladder inside exploded inside her inflated abdominal cavity before they pulled it out and the surgery took much longer than expected due to having to clean up this mess. The surgeon had to cut a bigger hole to pull her big ass swollen gallbladder out and cut the actual gallbladder up because the stones were fused together and holding it in a rigid shape. Then, he had to wash out her entire insides to make sure they didn't leave one stone inside there. She made a full recovery and still has the scars to prove it.


Mel did -

  • Weed
  • Mushroom
  • Kratom
  • Acid
  • Cough syrup
  • Khat
  • Molly


Since puberty, Mel has been plagued by acne and eczema making her skin into an alternating pattern of greasy pizza and dry alligator type skin.

For more info about the legendary pimple visit it's own page here


Melissa has refused to use tampons, pads, or any sort of period product whatsoever, and has talked about how she likes to "leave her mark" in public areas with her period blood.

Weight Loss and Surgery

Obese Melissa
Image Unavailable
Working At Starbucks helped her gain weight

In February 2018, Melissa had bariatric weight loss surgery. She got a gastric sleeve.

Following weight loss surgery, Melissa's diet was almost 100% protein. This helped her drop the 100 pounds, but this diet was also dangerous because her bowels became impacted with hard doodies and those giant hard shits only exited her anals once a week. After one particularly giant BM, her anus was damaged and created an anal fissure. This anal fissure haunted her and created panic attacks with any thought of having to use the bathroom. The damage to her asshole was so bad that a doctor looked up her ass with a flashlight and prescribed her $100 per jar Butt Hole Cream to help cure it. The stress of not being able to have regular bowl movements was the initial reason she started to take laxatives daily. The daily laxatives caused her to randomly poop her pants in public.

In January 2021, she traveled to Mexico and got the following procedures: Royal Lower Body Lift Abdominal skin resection -360 Muscle repair 5 inches average Mons lift and reduction Buttocks outer and front Tights Lift No Gluteal flap Liposuction with Fat Transfer to shape the hips and increase buttocks.

In May 2021, Mel traveled back to Mexico and had a breast lift, with fat transfer to breasts, an arm lift, and arm liposuction. In the recovery house, she met sereinia.

Melissa plans to have "extra" skin removed from her torso (again) soon (stay tuned).

Food Issues

Melissa didn't eat any fast food other than McDonalds until she was 20 years old.

She doesn't like raw tomato.
She thinks that grapefruit is disgusting.
She doesn't like juice.
Melissa hates fish (especially salmon) including sushi.
Melissa does not like Ham.

She loves low fat zero carb tortillas with refried beans and low fat cheese.

Famous Quotes

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